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City of Jeseník

Jeseník is modern district town, which is quickly developing in tourist trade. The town itself and it`s

enterprisers are aware of this standing and that`s why there is an amount and variety of all services

very big and it`s level high.

This lovely town in the real heart of Jeseniky Mountain is becoming the dominant resort of both classical winter or summer sports and new activities. With its possibilities it belongs to the best and important resorts in Czech Republic. Jesenik is not only winter ski resort.

The visitors appreciate its whole year round atractivity. It`s possible to experience high-quality vacation in Jesenik in any season and it`s only up to you which program you choose and what everything you decide to experience to visit and to taste during your lovely holidays. The facilities are almost bottomless....


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Apartmá Panorama
apartmá č.9, třetí patro
Slezská 536
790 01 Jeseník

Telefon: 774 115 111

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